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Make More Putts Guaranteed!


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AimPro™ is the original and patented alignment ball marker that is guaranteed to save you strokes or your money back!
  • Conforms to the USGA rules of golf
  • Lines up straight or breaking putts more accurately
  • Works better than lining up the golf ball
  • Can be used in tournament or recreational play
  • We guarantee you'll save strokes every round

Ball Marker

$5.95 + S/H

Ball Marker

$19.95 + S/H

Check out this short video and see how this simple concept could shave strokes off your game!

Using a line on a golf ball is one of the most common putt alignment methods currently used by top tour players and weekend golfers alike. The problem with this method is that it is very difficult accurately line up a 3 dimensional spherically shaped golf ball to your target.
Using an AimPro™ Ball Marker in conjunction with a line on a golf ball takes this popular putting method to the next level. AimPro™ is a ball marker with an alignment line built in. Its patented 2 dimensional design makes it much easier for you to accurately line up your putt than using just a line on a golf ball.  AimPro™ gives you a reference line the moment you mark your ball on the green. AimPro™ conforms to the USGA rules of golf making it one of the only aids you can use while playing competitive or recreational golf.
The first time you use AimPro™ you will see lower scores – guaranteed.
You simply adjust the line or logo on your golf ball to the line on the AimPro™ Ball Marker. With the reference line in place, you can visualize exactly where you're lined up. If any adjustments need to me made, you can do so by rotating the golf ball on its axis while the marker is down on the green. By following these simple steps, you stay in full compliance with the rules of golf. You can study the line while others are putting then when it's your turn to putt remove AimPro™ from the green and sink your putt.
AimPro™ will improve your putting by simply helping you more accurately align your putts. Better alignment translates into fewer putts and lower scores. It's that simple!
AimPro™ can be imprinted with company, club, or organization name or logo for a great promotional giveaway.
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